Wisconsin Hunts

All hunts at Arrow Ridge Ranch are fully guided. Our guides are all full time team members who are professional and experienced.  We will guide one on one to ensure you are getting complete attention during your stay. Our guides will remain with you for the duration of the day, unless you need some quiet time. We like to make sure all of your time, whether hunting, or down time is spent enjoying everything we have to offer. We do offer packages where occasionally the hunt is guided two to one, but only if you are all in the same group or family.

At Arrow Ridge we only harvest fully mature animals. You may see some impressive bucks or bulls that are younger, but we believe in the “Let them go, Let them grow” theory. Your guide will be there to show you big bodied, heavy antlered trophies. We always look for the biggest animal in your package. We want you to harvest the trophy that makes your adrenaline flow! No license required. Absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES!


For many hunters, this method of hunting is traditional and gives the hunter a great challenge. Arrow Ridge Ranch welcomes all bow hunters as they represent a large percentage of our visitors. Archery targets are available for practice shots.


We encourage hunters to bring either a .243 .270 .300 or 30-06 caliber rifle with matching shells to their weapon. For larger animals we recommend a .270 caliber rifle or larger.
We maintain a rifle range on site for sighting in and making any necessary adjustments prior to your hunt. For those hunters who want to avoid the hassles of traveling with a gun we provide rifles and ammunition for $45/ a day.

Wisconsin Hunting Packages:


Bucks scoring up to 150″ SCI

Bucks scoring 151″ to 175″ SCICall for pricing and let us Customize your

hunting vacation with us!!

Bucks scoring 176″ to 200″ SCI

Bucks scoring 201″ and up SCI start at

Bull Elk

Bull Elk 6X Call for pricing and let us Customize your

hunting vacation with us!!

Bull Elk 7X

Bull Elk 8X

Bull Elk scoring 420″ SCI and over start

Fallow Bucks

Any mature Fallow Buck on the Ranch

Any mature Sika Buck on the Ranch

All hunt packages include 5 days 4 nights, meals, lodging, professional guide service, transportation to and from field, field prep of your trophy,

Airport pick up and drop off. (Appleton, Green Bay or Madison) 60- 90 Minutes travel time,

Additional animals may be harvested at a discounted price. Price does not include skinning, taxidermy, or processing of meat, local services available upon request.  Call for details.

All Trophy animals are green scored by SCI scoring system.

All prices are subject to change.

Call Arrow Ridge Ranch now to book your next hunting adventure, and be sure to ask for our multi-animal discount!!

Recommended gear to pack for hunting with Arrow Ridge Ranch

Rifle/Bow                 Ammo/ Arrows        Release (Bow)

Camo hat with brim

Camo stocking cap

Camo gloves (warm & light weather)

Cool weather Camo clothing …            Warm Weather camo clothing

Thermal underwear         Extra socks

Comfortable hunting boots (preferably water proof)     Rain gear     Face paint/ face mask

Binoculars   .. Range Finder…… Camera…..  Backpack (small daypack)

Shooting sticks/ bi pod   — (Shooting rest is provided in box blinds)

Safety harness       Thermo cell/ bug spray , Scent cover

2-120 QT  Large Coolers  0ne for meat  & one for cape

** Outfitters Note:    Be prepared to dress in layers as Wisconsin weather varies greatly during the season.


Comfortable camp clothing- Tshirts,   Flannel shirt/ sweatshirt – Comfortable jacket -Jeans … Camp shoes

Personal Medications      Personal Hygiene Items

    **As Always please feel free to call us with any other questions.