Wisconsin Whitetail Hunts at Arrow Ridge Ranch

As your breath gently rolls out a cloud of mist temporarily blocks your vision, and you can feel your heart pounding in your chest as the distinct sound of leaves crunching under a whitetail’s steps approaches slowly. Suddenly, a spot of brown, a glimpse of antler tines, and there he is, standing in front of you… your dream buck at 30 yards broadside, pausing to catch the wind just right. It’s now or never!


While whitetails are common throughout the North American continent, few places hold the traditions and values like Wisconsin. Whether you like bow hunting from a ladder stand, the comfort and warmth of rifle hunting from a permanent elevated and heated box blind, or the challenge of a muzzle loader, Arrow Ridge Ranch will help you rise to the occasion and harvest the trophy buck of your dreams. The terrain is perfect, after all it is Wisconsin! Tall pines, thick lush oaks, valleys, ridges, and low land swamp provide the perfect setting for one of the most elusive game species on the planet!


All hunts are 4 days/ 3 nights and include all meals, lodging and beverages, transportation to and from the field and field dressing of your trophy. Transportation to and from a predetermined airport can be arranged at no additional cost. No license required.

Absolutely NO TROPHY FEES!


We invite you to come relax, enjoy and hunt your dream trophy at Arrow Ridge Ranch. Call us now to book you next hunting adventure!