Meat Processing

For Exceptional Local Food and Meat Processing Services we recommend Becks Meat Processing in Oshkosh, WI.

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Oshkosh, WI 54904
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Deer Processing Charges

We take great care in processing venison. We thoroughly wash all carcasses before cutting, as well as wrap your cuts to ensure freshness. You are guaranteed your own venison cuts back. Each deer is tagged with your registration tag number, which is used as the identification number to track your deer until you pick it up.

  • Deer – $50
  • ELK $125 .Price includes cutting, wrapping, grinding, and freezing)
  • Grinding of boneless venison – $.70 per/lb.
  • Grinding and packaging of boneless venison – $1.00 per/lb.
  • Beef added for $3.89 per/lb. or pork added to your venison for $2.49 per/lb.
  • Venison patties $1.00 per/lb. in 5 lb. boxes (5 lb. minimum)
  • Stew meat cuts $1.00 per/lb.

How to Care for Your Venison

It is very important to take care of your venison properly. Here are some important tips:

  • Field dress the carcass immediately
  • Wash body cavity out with cold, clean water
  • Spread rib cage to cool the carcass more quickly – if the weather is warm, place clean ice inside cavity
  • Do not hang carcass to age meat, bacteria grows quickly in warm conditions
  • Use food quality bags or buckets to store boneless venison

Sausage Processing and Prices

We use only the finest ingredients and meats to make your sausage. All your sausage will be vacuum packed to keep it the freshest, and all smoked sausage is smoked in our own smokehouse.

Sausage Prices
Summer Sausage – Plain, Garlic (2 lb. stick) – $2.89/lb.
Summer Sausage – Jalapeno Cheese and Cheese (2 lb. stick) – $3.29/lb.
Ring Bologna – Plain, Garlic (2 lb. package) – $2.89/lb.
Smoked Kielbasa (2 lb. package) – $2.89/lb.
Natural Casing Wieners (2 lb. Package) – $3.09/lb.
Mettwurst (2 lb. Package) – $2.89/lb.
Polish Sausage (2 lb. Package) – $2.89/lb.
Hot Sticks – Mild or Extra Hot (2 lb. Package) – $3.19/lb.
Snack Sticks or Hickory Sticks (2 lb. Package) – $3.19/lb.
Jalapeno Sticks (2 lb. Package) – $3.19/lb.
Venison Jerky (2 lb. Package) – $3.29/lb.
Bratwurst – Regular, Beer, Italian, Cajun, Onion (2 lb. Package) – $2.69/lb.
Breakfast Links – Regular and Apple Cinnamon (2 lb. Package) – $2.69/lb.
Dried Venison (1 lb. package) includes slicing 50% shrink – $3.29/lb.
Venison Bacon (1 lb. package) – $3.29/lb.
Venison Sloppy Joe (1 lb. package) – $3.29/lb.