Fallow Deer Hunts

Wisconsin Fallow Deer Hunts at Arrow Ridge Ranch

Fallow Deer Hunts Wisconsin

Want to try something different? How about an exotic species? Fallow Deer come in so many variations of color and trophy bucks all have completely unique racks. Choose from spotted, chocolate and the occasional white coloration.

Fallow Deer originate from Europe, and can be found in many other countries today such as New Zealand, Spain and even Africa. Why travel for countless hours on an expensive airline, when you can hunt trophy fallow deer right here at Arrow Ridge Ranch? Fallow bucks rut from October thru December, and make a distinct roaring sound. Hunting methods vary from spot & stalk to still hunting from elevated/ heated blinds. Fallow have the cunning of a whitetail, the attitude of an elk and the fight of a ram, and the meat is absolutely delicious.

All hunts are 5 days/ 4 nights and include all meals, lodging and beverages, transportation to and from the field and field dressing of your trophy. Transportation to and from a pre- determined airport can be arranged at no additional cost. No license required. Absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES!

We invite you to come relax, enjoy and hunt your dream trophy at Arrow Ridge Ranch. Call us now to book you next hunting adventure!